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Maximizing Your Technique - The Rebound Of The Stick

Updated: Apr 24

Hi guys, my name is Andrea Gatti, and I am the drum and percussion instructor at Drum Arts.

In this video and article, I talk about maximizing your technique by exploiting the rebound of the stick. Applying this technique will take your drumming to another level! - Maximize Your Drumming - The rebound of the Stick
Exploit the energy using rebound

Why the rebound of the stick is so important?

Having a loose grip and allowing the stick to rebound in our playing allows us to play smoothly without too much effort. Just think of how you can maximize the energy used when striking the drum by allowing it to bounce back without adding any other force. Think of it like bouncing a ball; the energy we have transferred to the ball is sufficient for it to come back up! So why not use this concept in our drumming?


Having a loose grip - The importance of the fulcrum

The only way to allow the stick to bounce off the surface is to have a loose grip. This fluency in playing is obtained by:

  1. Having the fulcrum between the thumb and the first knuckle of the middle finger.

  2. Not blocking the movement of the stick with the index finger by keeping it on the side of the stick.

  3. Allowing the stick to bounce and rotate back when striking the surface.


Learn how to follow the movement of the stick by opening the hand

To follow the movement of the stick, we need to understand its natural movement. By dropping the stick onto the pad we will see that naturally; it will bounce back with a rotation. All we need to do is loosen up our grip for the stick to be free to follow the rotation that would naturally happen once it bounces off the surface that was hit by the tip of the stick.


A great exercise to learn how to release the stick

This exercise is great for developing control of the stick and learning how to release the fingers allowing the stick to move.

  1. While maintaining a correct grip, place your forearm in a vertical position with the stick pointing up.

  2. Open the hand allowing the stick to fall backwards.

  3. Close the fingers and bring the stick to the starting position.

Position 1, and 3
Position 2


Final thoughts

I always stress that having a loose grip and exploiting the rebound of the stick are the only ways to maximize your drumming, not waste energy, and play smoothly in a relaxed way. This can only happen if we train our brains in these movements. It doesn't happen overnight and it requires a lot of practice, focus, and attention. But commitment and dedication will bear fruit!

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We look forward to hearing from you!


Andrea Gatti


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Great information. I really enjoyed the exercise to learn how to release the stick. Thank you

Replying to

You are very welcome. 🤗


Mar 12

Thank you. I have never seen that exercise where you drop the stick backwards, but it makes sense. I will try it out.

Replying to

You are welcome. That exercise really helped me to understand the stick movement and how it feels in the hand.


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