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About Drum Arts

Andrea Gatti - Drum Arts drum educator

Our Story

Hi, welcome to Drum Arts. My name is Andrea Gatti and I’m the founder of Drum Arts.


My heart is to give you all the tools that are necessary for you to play like a pro. Our vision is to equip you into excellence so that you can express the beauty that’s inside you.


We do this by offering quality training in a professional environment. We offer drums and percussion lessons, or classes. So whether you are starting your journey, or you’ve been studying for many years, we are happy to work with you in this musical journey. 


We are so excited to start working with you! 

What Our Clients Say


Andrea Suzanne Agee

My son has only been taking drum lessons for a few months, but his progress has been amazing! He looks forward to his lesson day. Mr. Andrea is very organized and clearly conveys the learning goals each week. We are very thankful for this opportunity!

Playing the cajòn

Ashley Hawley

My son absolutely loves drum lesson day with Mr. Andrea! He has made so much progress with his cajon in such a short time. Definitely recommend Mr. Andrea for anyone whose child is interested learning the drums.

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Playing the conga

Shannon Huff Murphy

My son loves going to drum lessons with Mr. Gatti! You can tell he loves the instrument he teaches. He cares about his students and is patient with them. He’s also very helpful & patient with parents…LOL!


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