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Learn To Apply The Moeller Technique In Your Grooves

Updated: May 29

Hi, guys! My name is Andrea Gatti. I'm the drum and percussion instructor at Drum Arts. I’ve had the privilege of playing and teaching for over two decades. My heart is deeply invested in seeing my students and fellow drummers grow in their passion. In this video and article, I teach the easiest way to learn to apply the Moeller technique in your grooves. Applying this technique will smooth out our playing and at the same time make it more interesting and groovy.

For a better understanding, I encourage you to check out the video and the PDF.


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Why does the Moeller Technique help us so much?

This technique changed my way of playing! Before I knew how to apply it in my groves, I was struggling to have a nice feel in my playing, and also my motions were not smooth and not much coordinated. When I started to study and incorporate the Moeller technique in my grooves I noticed that my control of my tempo was drastically increasing. Also, my grooves were more tasty and I started to master the use of accents in my playing. Accents are what make a groove interesting.

Learn to apply the Moeller technique in your playing -


How to apply the Moeller technique in your playing step-by-step

  1. Always start studying a new technique on a drum pad. - We must first understand a movement's mechanics before applying it on the kit.

  2. Once the movement is mastered move on the kit - Start with a very simple groove at a slow tempo. (I recommend 50 PBM).

  3. Start with applying accents on the most common patterns used in accompanying (Eight notes, one eight note with two sixteenth notes, and so on) - Start with placing the accent on the beat, then of the beat.

  4. Play the pattern on the ride cymbal and apply the accents on the bell.


Download your free PDF exercises


A few tips on how to apply the Moeller technique in your playing

  • Dont rush! - Take time to understand the motions.

  • Be careful in applying the upstroke. (check out the video) - The upstroke is the most important part of the movement since it sets us in the right position to execute the accents.

  • Be relaxed - Think of a wave motion or a whiplash and understand how to transfer the energy to the tip of the stick

Learn how to apply the Moeller technique in your playing -
Upstroke on the hi-hat


Final thoughts - Learn to apply the Moeller technique in your playing

Applying this study method changed my playing and my whole approach to drumming. I teach the Moeller technique to my students and make them use it in their playing. The results are great and I see them growing at a fast speed. They learn to master the movement over the tempo and control every stroke of their playing.

I encourage every drummer to dig deeply into understanding movement and learn how to apply the Moeller technique in their playing. The final goal is always to have fun! Having the proper tools will allow us to express ourselves freely without any barriers.

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We look forward to hearing from you!


Andrea Gatti


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