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How To Learn And Apply The 6 Stroke Roll

Hi, guys! My name is Andrea Gatti. I'm the drum and percussion instructor at Drum Arts. I’ve had the privilege of playing and teaching for over two decades. My heart is deeply invested in seeing my students and fellow drummers grow in their passion. In this video and article, I’ll guide you through the best way to learn and apply the 6-stroke roll. Additionally, I’ll share some exciting applications to enhance time control and demonstrate cool techniques on the drumset. You can find all the examples on the PDF and in our video ;).

Let’s dive in and create!



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Why I love the six-stroke roll

I love the six-stroke roll! It's a fun and easy drumming technique that I love. It works well in swing rhythms, and its simplicity allows me to get creative on the drum set. I can easily play it across the drums and come up with cool melodies.


How to study the six-stroke roll

If you follow our blog and videos, by now you should know that one thing I stress with my students is that we need to know the mechanics of the movements first. Understanding the mechanics will allow us to become smooth and fast on the kit. A good study method will make the difference!

Steps I recommend in studying:

  1. learn the six-stroke roll on the pad by applying the correct movements until the desired speed and fluidity are reached

  2. Move on the snare drum

  3. Orchestrate it on the kit discovering cool melodies

  4. Most importantly: HAVE FUN!

Preparation of the accent - How to learn and apply the six stroke roll -
Preparation of the accent

Let's learn the mechanics - How to execute the six-stroke roll

This rudiment is composed of two accents, one on the first sixteenth note and the second on the last sixteenth note, and two doubles executed as thirty-second notes played between the two accents.

  • Start with an accent

  • While executing the first double move into an "Up Stroke" position to prepare for the coming accent

  • Repeat the process while executing the second double

  • Execute the accents one after the other one

Check out the video for a visual explanation


Try out different notations and move the accents around

In the first example, we looked at the six-stroke roll as presented in the PAS (Percussion Arts Society). To maximize its benefits, practice the six-stroke roll in various combinations.

For example:

  • Play it as a sextuplet

  • Try different combinations by moving the accents around on the first two notes and on the 3rd and 4th note of the sextuplet (Check out the PDF)

  • Apply it as a cycle of six over other subdivisions (Check out the PDF)


Receive your free Six-Stroke Roll PDF Exercises!


How to apply it on the six-stroke roll on the kit

The final goal of learning rudiments is to apply them to the kit.

  • To apply it start simply by moving the exercise on the snare. In this way, we can familiarize ourselves with the different rebounds.

  • Start to move the accents on the different elements of the kit and create melodies that make sense.

  • Once melodies are created, try substituting one of the doubles (usually the one played by our strong hand) with the kick drum.

Move around the drum kit - how to learn and apply the six stroke roll -


Final Thoughts on "How to learn and apply the six-stroke roll"

Following a good study method and taking the right steps are essential for growth. Learning and applying rudiments like the six-stroke roll can indeed be a fun process. Sacrifices pay off when we finally get on the drumset and achieving good results is both satisfying and enjoyable. Remember not to be too hard on yourself, mistakes are part of the journey. Enjoying the process is crucial!

Drummer having fun - best way to learn and apply the six stroke roll -

If you have any questions or want to share your progress or variations, feel free to leave a message or comment below. Your contribution is valuable, and together, we can continue growing as a drumming community! I appreciate your dedication to drumming. Keep up the great work, and feel free to share more about your drumming journey whenever you’d like.

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We look forward to hearing from you!


Andrea Gatti

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