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Choosing Your First Drum Set - Beginner & Parent Guide - Part 2

Hi, guys! My name is Andrea Gatti. I'm the drum and percussion instructor at Drum Arts. I’ve had the privilege of playing and teaching for over two decades. My heart is deeply invested in seeing my students and fellow drummers grow in their passion.

This is the second part of the video/article, in which I advise you on choosing your first drum set. This can be a beginner & parent guide helping you make the best investment for you or your child.

I chose to talk about this topic since I often get asked by parents to advise them in choosing a drum set for their child. I completely understand the difficulty in selecting the proper kit with no experience, being sure that the money will go towards the best investment according to the need since I have been there myself.

I want to give tools to the families and beginners who follow me and are choosing to invest some money in their drumming journey.


Here I continue with the next scenario of an older student or a committed beginner.

If you would like to check out the previous scenarios, you must look at Part 1 in the previous post.

  • An 11-year-old or older who is committed. If the child has shown real interest over the years. I would not waste money on something very cheap since there will be a need to upgrade sooner or later. Students need to have something that allows them to work on all the aspects of drumming. Decent hardware and cymbals are necessary for this type of student.

Here are the drumsets that are mentioned in the video.

Tama ImperialStar

Tama ImperialStart -Choosing Your First Drum Set - Beginner & Parent Guide / Part 2
Tama ImperialStar

If your budget allows it, there are beginner's kits with an extra floor tom. Honestly, I wouldn't spend that much on a beginner's kit since we are talking about $1100. But I must say that what you are getting is not a bad deal.

Ludwig Element Evo

Choosing Your First Drum Set - Beginner & Parent Guide / Part 2 - drumartstn Blog
Ludwig Element Evo

I particularly like this one although it's a little pricy. There is also a cheaper model which is just the Sonor AQX. The one in the photo is the Sonor AQX Stage Series. With Sonor, you always get good quality.

Sonor AQX Stage Series

Choosing Your First Drum Set - Beginner & Parent Guide / Part 2 drumartstn Blog
Sonor AQX Stage Series

Useful advice - Making a good investment

One of the ways to invest in a long-term drum set is to check out a used medium-level drum. This type of set will probably cost as much as a new beginner set, but the quality will be much higher. I believe this is the best choice.

Used drums, if kept in good condition, are great. A wood instrument in good condition may sound even better than a new one since the wood has aged!

Another option to consider for a long-term investment is to buy a medium set which will only have the drum shells, with a set of hardware and a set of cheap cymbals. Eventually, the cymbals can be upgraded and then you will have a nice drum kit with nice cymbals as well without having to sell your set to buy a new one. With this type of investment, we are talking about $1300 to $1500.

Intermediate drum set -Choosing Your First Drum Set - Beginner & Parent Guide
Intermediate drum set

Final thoughts on choosing your first drum set - beginner & parent guide

I hope my advice on choosing your first drum set for a beginner or a parent was useful to you. My final recommendation is always to look at the big picture and the long term. Of course, this won't always be easy, especially if we are talking about an instrument for a small child. However, considering and knowing the future steps will allow us to make a better choice.

If you have any questions or if there is a topic you would like to hear about, please let me know in the comments.

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This article is good for new drummers or parents checking on their children. To know how-to-hold-the-sticks-the-american-grip click the link. We look forward to hearing from you!


Andrea Gatti

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Jul 08

perfect timing. Thanks for this!

Replying to

You are very welcome. If you have any questions, I will be very happy to help you out. 😉

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